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When should you call us?

Being involved in an accident or a breakdown can be very confronting.

Besides the obvious issues of injuries to yourself, other drivers and passengers, or obstructing Cairns’ busy roads, getting vehicles moved so traffic flow can return to normal is a vital part of the post-accident or breakdown clean up.

And while it might be tempting to see if your car will get you home after you’ve been involved in an accident, driving your vehicle can add significantly to the damage that’s already been done, particularly to wheels or chassis.

We recommend you call a tow truck out after an accident, unless you can be 100% sure that the damage is only cosmetic; a tow truck might cost you a few dollars now, but it will be a lot less than the cost of extra repairs to your vehicle!

You might also need your vehicle to be recovered - by this we mean winched or moved from a dangerous or difficult position, such as down a hill or even in a body of water. This should always be done by a professional who understands Queensland health and safety requirements around roads and highways.

When you call out our team, and in accordance with Queensland law, we’ll provide you with a Towing Authority document that outlines information such as where the vehicle should be towed to and how much that will cost. You need to sign it before our team can hook up your vehicle.

If you use any other towing company and the tow truck driver doesn’t provide you with this document, you should refuse to let them handle your car as they may not be properly insured and qualified to do so.

For more information about vehicle recovery, towing, our 24/7 roadside assist towing, emergency towing or anything else, contact our friendly team today!

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